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Nursery Placement Request

LSN must receive a signed and fully completed application form before a place can be offered and agreed.

Registration Fees and Deposits

A £50.00 non-refundable fee is required upon booking a place.

This is payable at time of registration.

Fees and Invoices

LSN fees are payable termly in advance by cheque, cash, bank transfer or childcare vouchers. All invoices will be sent out at least two weeks prior to the due payment date. Any late payments will incur a late payment fee of £5.00 per day.

All sessions booked must be paid for, regardless of whether the child attends.

No refunds will be given for sessions missed due to holidays or absence through sickness. Failure to meet payments or persistently late payments will result in the termination of the place with immediate effect. If you are struggling to pay please inform the Head Squirrel.


In all circumstances we require half a terms notice, in writing, should you wish to terminate a LSN place for any reason, increase or decrease your child’s sessions.

Parents remain liable for fees throughout the notice period.

If a parent withdraws their child during this notice period, the fees shall remain payable. We reserve the right to terminate a place with immediate effect if any fees are not paid by the due date, or if a parent, carer or child displays abusive, threatening or otherwise inappropriate behaviour.

If the parent for any reason postpones a start date, we reserve the right to charge from the original start date stated on the application form.

If a parent wishes to change the number of sessions taken at LSN, half a terms notice, in writing, must be given and a 'Change of Sessions' form must be completed and handed in.

Early Years Entitlement

Early years’ entitlement funding is available for all 3 and 4-year-olds from the term following their third birthday.

Free Early Education for Two year olds

Early years funding for two year olds is available for eligible 2 year olds from the term following their second birthday. You will need to complete a short form to be submitted to Surrey County Council to check eligibility before a place is offered.

30 hours Entitlement

Early years entitlement funding for up to 30 hours is available for some working parents of 3 and 4-year-olds from the term following their third birthday

Operating Hours

LSN is open from 9.00 – 3.00 Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and 9.00 – 1.00 Tuesday and Friday term time only, term dates are published in the summer term for the following academic year but will follow local authority schools where possible.

Late collection

If you are late collecting your child from LSN, a late collection charge of £5.00 for every 10 minutes may be imposed – this is at the discretion of LSN Manager.

Please be punctual.

Nursery Closure

LSN is closed during Bank Holidays.

If closure is necessary due to any unforeseen events parents will be informed via our Facebook page and via Twitter.

Parent/Carers Behaviour

We will not tolerate our Big Squirrels being spoken to in an abusive or threatening manner by parents, carers or children. Such behaviour may result in the termination of your child’s place.

Behaviour Management

We may require parents to withdraw or remove their child from LSN if the LSN Manager considers the child to be excessively disruptive or displaying excessive inappropriate behaviour. This is a last resort, should an implemented behavioural plan not be making a difference.

Personal Property and Belongings

We cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to children’s property.

Every reasonable effort will be made by the Big Squirrels to ensure the children’s belongings are not lost or damaged. Practical ‘inexpensive’ clothing is strongly recommended for children attending LSN. It is the parent’s responsibility to name and clearly label all items of clothing. We suggest that all personal toys, books or other equipment are left at home.


We accept no responsibility for any loss suffered by parents, arising directly or indirectly, because of LSN being temporarily closed or the non-admittance of your child to LSN for any reason, this applies to absence due to sickness, holidays and Bank Holidays. We accept no responsibility for children whilst in their parents care on LSN premises; for example, prior/during drop off or after pick up.

We accept no responsibility and accept no liability to parents and/or children for any economic loss of any kind, for damage to the child's or parent’s property, for any loss resulting from a claim made by any third party or for any special, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind. Big Squirrels will make reasonable endeavours to keep parents and/or children's property in good order.

Accidents and Illness

We reserve the right to administer basic first aid and treatment when necessary.

Parents will be informed of all accidents and will be required to sign an accident form.

For accidents of a more serious nature, involving hospital treatment, all attempts will be made by LSN to contact the parents, failing this, we are hereby authorised to act on behalf of parents and authorise necessary treatment. We will administer prescribed medicines if parents complete a 'Medicine Consent' form. For many, the condition will be short term, perhaps warranting a short absence from the nursery. However, although a child may soon be well enough to be back at nursery medication may still be required during the nursery day for a short period. Parents must complete a medicine consent form giving details of the child’s condition and time to be administered. All medication must be clearly labelled with the child’s details and will be kept according to the medicines instructions. Records will be kept of all medication received and administered by the nursery. There will be two members of staff present at the administration of your child’s medicine. One staff member will administer the medicine the other will be LSN Manager and witness the administration of medicine. We may require parents to withdraw their child from LSN, if the child requires special medical care or attention, which is not available or refused by parents or it is considered that the child is not well enough to attend LSN. We may also ask parents to temporarily withdraw their child from LSN, if we have reasonable cause to believe that they are or maybe suffering from or have suffered from any contagious disease/infection and there remains a danger that other children at LSN may contract such a disease/infection. We accept no responsibility for children contracting contagious diseases/infections. Parents are requested to inform LSN if their child is suffering from any illness, sickness or allergies before attending LSN.We have a realistic attitude to the needs of working parents but we reserve the right to contact parents if their child becomes ill during LSN hours.


Parents are requested to inform LSN upon registration and periodically if any changes arise, of any food, medicine, activity or any other circumstances that may cause the child to have an allergic reaction/allergy or intolerance. Parents must provide details, in writing, of the severity of the reaction/allergy and must continue to inform LSN of any changes/progress to the condition, in writing, when they become aware. Parents are requested to inform LSN of any changes to all information kept at LSN.

We may request information from your child’s doctor.

Parental Consultations

You will be invited to attend a parental consultation with your child’s key worker once a term. Dates will be made available and alternative dates may be offered should you not be able to attend.


Under no circumstances will any child be able to leave LSN with anyone unknown to LSN staff unless the parent has previously arranged this. If the parent has made alternative arrangements by telephone to the setting, LSN requires the name and a password for the person permitted to collect the child. A list of responsible adults who are authorised to collect your child is to be completed upon registration.

Key Worker/Team Leader

Your child will be assigned a key worker/team leader. Your child’s key person/team leader may change should staffing deployment dictate. Your child’s key person/team leader may also change if we think it is necessary due to the needs of the child.


You are required to complete the consent form, attached, for anything you do not consent to you may wish to speak to the Head Squirrel to discuss.

Childcare outside of LSN

Big Squirrels may undertake work outside of LSN that may amount to a conflict of interest with LSN, whether directly or indirectly, for example, but is not limited to babysitting/child minding.

LSN takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for the care of children outside paid nursery hours; this includes travel both to and from the nursery.

Outside arrangements must not interfere with Big Squirrels duties within the nursery.

No Big Squirrel shall remove a child from the setting unless they are a named person on the child’s files to be able to do so.

Confidentiality in relation to other Big Squirrels members and the children and their families must be adhered to and respected always.

Social Media

Although we encourage a friendly environment and accept that parents/carers and Big Squirrels can become friends, LSN ask you that you do not ‘befriend’ the Big Squirrels on social media whilst you have a child at LSN. It is embarrassing for Big Squirrels to be sent these requests and must refuse them due to our Policies and Procedures.


These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement and understanding between the parents and LSN. Any other understandings, agreements, warranties, conditions, terms or representations, whether verbal or written, expressed or implied are excluded fully, permitted by law.

Policies and Procedures

Our policies and procedures are there to ensure the wellbeing of staff, pupils, parents and carers. Please take time to familiarise yourselves with them, the files can be found in the foyer, copies are available on request.

We reserve the right to update/amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.