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"I have had two children attend nurseries previously elsewhere and nothing compares to Little Squirrels"

"I love the nursery just as much as my son does!"

"The big squirrels are always on hand to have a chat about my child's progress or even just to listen to me if I am having a bad day"

"this is my daughters final year, we will miss little squirrels and will have fond memories"

"staff provide a stimulating environment for the children"

"children settle well and enjoy selecting from the good variety of toys and equipment"

"staff support children's communication, language and problem solving skills well during their activities"

"children demonstrate that they are secure in the nursery and have good relationships with their key workers"

"children know how to keep themselves safe and develop a strong understanding of how to be healthy"

"all children progress well overall from their starting points and are well prepared for the next stages in learning"

"children enjoy being creative, develop their coordination and speech and use their imaginations well"

"leaders and staff know their roles well"

"staff are benefitting currently from a speech and language programme to improve their teaching abilities further in this area"

Come and see for yourself!